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Overwhelmed By Your Finances?

It’s not your fault.

Avoiding your budgets and blank accounts? We’ve been there! When we don’t talk about money and ignore our spending, our families, relationships, and future financial stability all suffer.

We’ve figured out the solution though.

To end financial stress you need an education not taught at school, one the banks would rather you not have.

That’s where we help:

  • Eliminate debt and save thousands in interest
  • ​Remove financial stress from your home
  • ​Overcome past financial mistakes
  • ​Be empowered by a budget that fits your life
  • ​Build a future you’re excited about.
  • ​Take the first step to lifelong financial freedom

Free Personalized Financial Report

Take the first step towards financial peace of mind by filling out the 101 Financial Analyzer to receive your free personalized financial report – a $250 value.

Simply answer a few questions about your finances and we will email your report to you right away. (Complete and accurate information will produce a more accurate analysis and forecast.)

  • It only takes 2 minutes
  • ​Free, no obligation
  • ​Your information is safe & secure
  • ​See how fast you can be debt-free

The Secret to Great Finances

Starving students, middle-class families, jet-setting millionaires, and everyone in between have all found financial peace of mind through our 101 Financial system. Join with us! Make a lifelong change with a financial education.

Make a lifelong change with a financial education.


We all want to get out from under the stress and crushing burden of heavy debt and get started on the path towards financial independence.

But how?… The conventional banking system is set up to keep everyone paying forever without ever lowering their principal balance. This keeps us all trapped in an endless debt cycle. This also makes us feel: Overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, confused, and hopeless.

You deserve to be a financially successful person who knows how to grow and protect your money in order to live a rich and full life.

Become the master of your finances and don’t let your money control you. With the revolutionary “99 Financial Program,” you can now discover the easy solution. This program is brought to you from a joint relationship between 101 Financial and Done For You Real Estate with a personalized money back guarantee.

At 101 Financial, we understand what it feels like to live with financial stress. In fact, all 1000+ of our instructors started as students, just like you, and are continuing to build their wealth every day through the 101 Financial system.

You can put an end to stress and worry about money in your life. Without earning even one more dollar than you earn now.

Our “99 Financial” Program is a simple starting point for getting your personal finances on-track. So you can eliminate the financial stress from your life. It’s all based on four easy fundamentals and proprietary processes and tools, that put you on the path to financial “peace of mind.”

Our unique financial education is personalized for where you are now in your financial life. What’s great is, you get your own personalized 90-day plan, created especially for you, to get your finances supercharged, in an easy way.

To ensure you succeed with taking control of your finances, you also get MULTIPLE 90-Minute Personal and Private Web-Conference Classes or face to face, with your own personal “101 Financial” Instructor helping you with every step of the way.

As a “99 Financial” Program Student, you also get Monthly Web Classes with your Personal 101 Financial Instructor, an expert in helping people just like you to eliminate your financial worries. Your “99 Financial” Program Classes also includes your Personal Financial Calendar, to help you stay up-to-date with your budget, bills, and more.

All with the help of your Personal 101 Financial Instructor, with, the “99 Financial” Program.

Here’s What We’re NOT

We’re not a credit counseling service like you see on late night TV—We’re also not a bank

We’re not here to sell mortgages—We’re also not one of those shady debt elimination companies

We’re not a bi-weekly payment plan service (We’re also not a multi-level marketing company)

We’re not a stockbroker—We don’t even handle retirement plans or give stock tips

Here’s What We’re ARE

 We are a financial education provider for adults

We work with adults that are 18 to 80 and every age in between

We’ve been doing this since 2002, with over 17 years in business and have over 30,000 happy students

We have more than 1,000 Instructors that work for us, who help us help people just like you, to live lives of financial peace of mind

Free Yourself From Financial Stress… With Our “Financial Freedom” 99 Program Classes and your Private Instructor

Our Program is a simple starting point for getting your personal finances on-track. So, you can live with financial peace of mind.

We Guarantee It…

After your first private class, if you are not totally blown away, have total clarity on next steps, or feel this is not for you, just let us know and you will be 100% refunded on the spot, no questions asked. That is how confidence we are in ourselves to get you results FAST!

Here are the 5 steps to turning your money life around…


  Step 1: Meet with your Private Instructor

  Step 2: Get a plan that puts you back in control

  Step 3: Discover tools and strategies for getting debt-free FAST

  Step 4: Break free of traditional banking

  Step 4: Live Your Rich, Full Life

Check Out Our Podcast Episode With The 101
Financial Founder and Owner


“Our mission is to help families experience financial peace of mind through the power of financial education.”

Here’s What People Are Saying About 101
Financial Programs

"We didn't have to go get second jobs."

We were able to pay off our conventional mortgage in a little over 3 years! We didn't have to drastically change our lifestyle. We didn't have to go get second jobs. We didn't even have to eat pork-n-beans or ramen noodles every day. We just learned how to use the income we were making in a more efficient and smarter way by simply utilizing the tools and knowledge from the 101 Financial Educational System.

- Hollie & Brandon Simpson

"About six months after being on the 99 Program, our credit score went from "poor" to "good..."

John and I became students of the 99 Financial Program. Prior to meeting our instructor, we were living paycheck-to-paycheck. About six months after being on the 99 Program, our credit score went from "poor"to "good," and our savings grew quickly. We are grateful for Alan Akina, for paving the way to our new, better and brighter financial future.

- Fatima Bayle & John Pico

"The education has brought us 'financial peace of mind.'"

Prior to being with 101 Financial, my wife & I were living paycheck to paycheck. The education we learned and the tools we gained through 101 Financial have been amazing. We can't stress how much 101 Financial has changed our lives. The education has brought us "financial peace of mind."

- The Manning Family

Financial Education – the Difference Between Security and Ruin

Incredibly, in only a few short years, 101 Financial has received many awards…

While awards are great, and recognition is humbling, the greatest reward of all is watching people take the time to learn and apply the four foundational money principles we teach and achieve the new and better life that comes from financial education.


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