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What Does the Current Financial Panic Mean for Real Estate Investing?

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Have you seen the panic? Have you felt the panic? Do you happen to be the proud owner of the economy’s new “most precious” resources — toilet paper and hand sanitizer?

We can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic is something we should take seriously, and each of us should be taking every necessary precaution to diminish the risk of things getting out of control; however, there are also no indicators that we need to panic like it’s the zombie apocalypse.

What Does This Mean for the Markets?

The first picture below with the red lines is the S&P 500 over the last 12 months, but pay particular attention to the collapse over the last month. The Dow also recently plunged 10% in one day, which was the biggest one-day percentage drop since 1987. In the last month, it dropped 28% from peak to trough. It’s staggering and disconcerting. The 2nd picture below with the green lines is Zillow’s snapshot of national real estate values over the last 12 months. Notice the dotted lines… the next 12 months in real estate should be even better than the last.

What Does This Mean for Real Estate and for You?
In these uncertain and scary times there are two questions we are hearing almost every day: “Should I keep my money in the market?” and “Is now a good time to invest in real estate?”

Would you be surprised if I told you that according to industry experts, right now may be the PERFECT time to invest in real estate?

According to Ingo Winzer, Forbes writer and President of Local Market Monitor, the current economic concerns revolving around the Coronavirus may have created THE BEST time to invest in real estate. He wrote, “It’s difficult to imagine a quick turnaround from this and I think the effects will be felt in real estate for some years. First, interest rates will be at rock bottom. This means both that investing in real estate will be cheap, and that the returns on rental properties will be better than most other investments. Second, the home price bubbles in a dozen US markets will come to an end, which will encourage more investment in rentals. And third, the population of renters will increase because fewer people will have the financial confidence to buy a home.”

The Market Is Perfectly Positioned for Real Estate Investors RIGHT NOW!
1. Interest rates are low.
2. Real estate prices are stable and back to appreciating at normal levels. That means investors aren’t trying to make a quick buck on an appreciation bubble, but are looking to long-term rentals.
3. Rental demand is high and on the rise.
4. Rental properties and cash flows may be better than most other investments right now.

While our “normal lives” seem to be shifting quickly and drastically, it appears that there is one industry that may be better positioned than ever to help your financial future. Simple and conservative single-family investment real estate may be the saving grace for your retirement and financial sanity. Don’t wait another second sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the world to normalize. If you are wanting to consider growing your portfolio or jumping into real estate, maybe for the first time, let’s start the conversation!

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