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Why Traditional Retirement Is Broken

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What do you imagine when you think about retirement?

For most people, the traditional retirement model is about building a nest egg. You work hard at a steady job for a long time, hoping to save up enough money to last you for the rest of your life.

Still, recent statistics about retirement show that there is a legitimate reason for concern.

A sizable portion of the country is not on track to retire!

About 40% of Americans are not actively saving up for retirement, and only one-tenth are saving up the required 15% or more.

If you add increased life expectancy and the stock market volatility to the equation, it becomes abundantly clear that the old ways are simply not going to cut it.

The traditional retirement model is broken.

So… What Can We Do About It?

Instead of hoping to retire on your savings, you can set up to retire on your income. And for us, there’s no better way of doing that than with real estate.

Since founding Done For You Real Estate, Steve and I have helped thousands of clients on the road to replacing their income through safe, conservative, and calculated real estate investments. Our Moneyball-inspired formula has always produced results.

So a question comes to mind – why aren’t we all doing this?

And the answer is painfully simple. We just haven’t been taught how.

In most cases, people learn about retirement through experience. But today, we can see that the old way isn’t working. We need to educate future generations and show them there’s a better way.

That is going to be the primary goal of our today’s episode.

We’re going to share stories from our own lives, our family’s lives, as well as the lives of our clients that will testify to the benefits of income replacement.

Also, we’re going to have a couple of guests on the show!

First, I chatted with our Customer Appreciation Team Manager, Mike Chamberlain, and later on, I interviewed Steve’s son, Dallin Earl, who is successfully using real estate income put himself through Harvard Law.

It’s a jam-packed, one-hour show, and we hope you’ll hop on for the ride!

Key Takeaways

  • What is traditional retirement? (1:01)
  • ​Steve’s view of a traditional retirement (3:06)
  • ​My biggest issue with traditional retirement (5:16)
  • ​What makes traditional retirement so unreliable? (7:02)
  • ​Some frightening statistics regarding retirement in the US (8:08)
  • ​Where did the idea of retirement come from? (11:09)
  • ​How the industrial revolution changed retirement forever (13:19)
  • ​Why is traditional retirement broken? (16:07)
  • ​…And what can we do about it (+ my parents’ retirement story)? (17:39)
  • ​Insights from our Customer Appreciation Team Manager – Mike Chamberlain (23:25)
  • ​How does increased life expectancy affect traditional retirement? (27:30)
  • ​A couple of stories about our clients and their experiences with income replacement (29:36)
  • ​Talking to Steve’s Son, Dallin Earl, about leveraging real estate to help with Harvard Law tuition and expenses (35:25)
  • ​Teaching the next generation new models of retirement (48:40)
  • ​How to determine if you on track to retire (51:35)

Top Quotes

“Traditional retirement is largely broken.” – Kevin Clayson

“Most of the time retirement is not taught – retirement is learned by experience.” – Kevin Clayson

“I’m a big believer in planning for retirement.” – Steve Earl

“Real estate can benefit you at any stage in your life.” – Steve Earl

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