Read me for the summary of the chapter summaries of Micro Wins to Millions (Principles 4-12)! Principle 4: The Power of Leverage

Microwins to Millions by Kevin Clayson and Steve Earl Dive into the timeless wisdom of "Microwins to Millions"

In this insightful bonus episode, Kevin and Steve unpack the strategies around interest rate buydown, providing a comprehensive guide for investors.

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A Teacher's Journey from Oregon to Florida: The "Rinse and Repeat" Success Story!

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The Buffetts offer valuable insights into real estate investing. Learn more about Warren and Jimmy Buffett's real estate market advice.

Hey there, real estate enthusiasts! Kevin Clayson here, and I'm thrilled to share a recap of our latest podcast episode featuring the insightful Jodi Gandy.

Cash reserves are funds that must be available when investing in rental properties. Explore the 5 W's of reserve funds.

This week on the podcast, we're diving into the 15-year evolution of the Game Plan Review (GPR). The Game Plan is our secret sauce to helping you replace your income.

The Wealth is in the Waiting 🏡 In this episode of Replace Your Income with Kevin and Steve, we highlight the undeniable power of patience in real estate investing.

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