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  • Single-Family Property Investing: Dive into the advantages of investing in single-family properties.
  • Market Identification: Learn the art of identifying profitable real estate markets using weighted averages and key criteria.
  • ​Boots on the Ground: Understand the importance of local expertise and presence in real estate investing.
  • ​​Diverse Fund Sourcing: Explore various options for funding your investment such as savings, self-directed retirement funds, and HELOC.
  • ​​Strategic Lending Options: Discover strategic and commercial lending possibilities that can facilitate your real estate investments.
  • DFY’s Role and Unique Features: Learn about DFY’s value as a facilitator, its Optimization Team, and its unique, personalized services.
  • Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals: Understand exclusive opportunities like cost segregation and accelerated depreciation.
  • Client Identification and Communication: Learn how to identify your ideal clients, where to find them, and how to converse effectively with them.
  • ​Lead Qualification & Tracking: Master the process of qualifying leads and tracking client purchases using DFY’s tracking system (Sales Force).
  • Paid Certification Benefits: Get introduced to the benefits of the paid certification, including a substantial discount on the first TEAMS fee.

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