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Checklist items in Stage Four of the Purchase Call

  • Property Management and You
  • Specialized Property Management
  • What to expect

1. Property Management and You

Your property manager is an important key in successful real estate investing. You will be working with your property manager for the life of your real estate investment and having a strong, capable manager with experience, great tools and communication will not only make your life easier as an investor but increase your chances of success. At DFY we have the exact solution for our clients' needs with a strong property manager – Specialized Property Management.

2. Specialized Property Management

  • Extensive experience in managing properties – Currently manages over 2,000 properties
  • Rental IQ – Technology allowing SPM to track data/info. Allows them to make data-driven decisions regarding your property. More information about the market, your property, which enables better options and decisions
  • Better communication and response to clients
  • Concierge Service available 24/7
  • ​98.7% of calls answered live
  • ​Clear processes and problem resolution with same day resolution
  • Excellent accounting and transparency of your property's income and expenses.
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Price analysis and project automation
  • ​Detailed photos, floor plans, appliance information
  • ​Repair verses replacement decision
  • ​5-Star Vendors
  • One property management solution for every DFY market and property
  • ​Price options – gives you options and control of pricing and service
  • ​Clear onboard process and straightforward way to communicate with SPM (Specialized Property Management)

3. SPM and DFY Web Links

4. SPM Videos

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